honeyspider_news_driveinscreeningJOIN US FOR A NIGHT OF HORROR! The Raleigh Road Drive-In in Henderson, North Carolina is doing a double-feature of HONEYSPIDER and the original HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL starring Vincent Price! Come snuggle up tight under the stars on a crisp Fall night and watch 2 killer horror movies on the big-screen! The screening starts at 9:45pm and tickets are only $7 for both flicks.


Check out the giant HONEYSPIDER mural at NC State University! THE BLOOD OF THE DEAD is spreading!!! It won’t last long, so head down there soon if you want to see it.


“This is an original, innovative, and refreshing take on the horror genre that pays its respects to the past while ambitiously looking forward to the future.” ~Nerd Nation/Dave Harlequin
The second review for HONEYSPIDER is in and it comes from Nerd Nation Magazine editor in chief Dave Harlequin, who attended our premiere screening this past weekend. It’s another very articulate and positive review! Thanks so much Dave for coming out – we are thrilled that you really dug the film!!


honeyspider_news_review1Our first official review of Honeyspider is in …and wow, we can only hope they continue to be this positive and thoughtful. Haha, and I promise we didn’t write this! This review absolutely nails what we were hoping to accomplish with the film. Thank you again to everyone who came out last night!


honeyspider_news_premiere02WOW …last night was incredible. THANK YOU so much to everyone that came out to our premiere screening at the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina. We truly appreciate all of the support! The turnout was huge and everyone looked like they were having a great time! It was a perfect crisp fall night for a spooky horror movie double feature on the big-screen. We hope you enjoyed the flick!



honeyspider_screening_howloHONEYSPIDER will be screening at the Howl-o-palooza Film Festival in Lenoir, North Carolina on Saturday, October 25th! The festival will be taking place at the historic American Legion Post 29 building starting at 2:00pm. A costume contest and masquerade party to follow the screenings. Also, if you’re in the area, don’t forget to check out the Unquiet Art Show (Art from the Dark Side) at Highland Coffee on Friday, October 24th. Visit for more info!

Honeyspider “Howl-o-palooza Film Festival” screening
Saturday, October 25th
American Legion Building
401 Main St NW, Lenoir, NC 28645


HONEYSPIDER Director’s Statement

When I first read the script to HONEYSPIDER I felt refreshed. Just hearing the words ‘new horror film’ sends chills of preconceived disappointment through my body. But this wasn’t a story I’d heard before. It was daring, in that it was original. So with this, I was more than compelled to turn it into a movie.

I had worked with writer, Kenny Caperton on several projects before, so I was no stranger to his passion for the horror industry. I knew I would not only be given creative control in telling the story on film, but I would also have a strong counterpart in the areas needed. We both agreed on one thing – no matter what it takes, we’re going to make the movie we want to make.

Going into pre-production I knew I would rely heavily on creativity and practicality, due to the low budget behind the film. But this actually made me excited. In a way, it only seemed to fit even more. A story like this shouldn’t be told with big budget effects and pretty distractions. This is a story that rides the line of imagination and what we know to be true. Most importantly, it’s reminiscent of the classics that were driven by passion, not fancy eye candy. So I felt it necessary to not only acknowledge the filmmaking approach at hand, but fully embrace it for the significance it holds as a story telling component.

During production we maintained a small and very dedicated cast and crew. I didn’t want to have a bunch of people on staff, because I wanted to put the money into areas that would enhance and amplify our creative efforts on screen. This included everything from locations to set design and props. Because of this, we had a very diverse crew. Someone might be helping set up lights one day and then holding a boom the next. But everyone did everything with passion and dedication. Ultimately we achieved the shots I set out for, with quality and value consistently present throughout.

In the end we made HONEYSPIDER. A beautiful, gritty, against the grain, independent horror film. It’s a story that is told both visually and literally, to those who choose to listen – for the fans, by the fans. Above all, it’s a successful accomplishment, in that it is the film we wanted to make.

~Josh Hasty


Fangoria is diggin’ our trailer! …”Monster Masks and Halloween Horror in Lo-Fi Creeper HONEYSPIDER.” Haha, I love it!!! Check out the article on!